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Wheels For Kids

Wheels for Kids, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2003 by Denise Roeser in honor of her daughter, Ashlee, who has Cerebral Palsy (CP). The organization was originally established to provide wheelchairs to handicapped children afflicted with CP living in Palm Beach County who are financially unable to purchase them on their own and who do not qualify for public funding or other charitable sources. We now accept applications for any child living in Palm Beach County with a long term disability that will benefit from the aid of a customized or stock mobility device. Wheels for Kids was created in the belief that working parents should not have to give up their livelihoods to give their child the most healthy and independent life possible. Cerebral Palsy affects children physically in many different ways for which a wheelchair must be designed and modified to the special needs of the child. For example: some children may need headrest support, lateral body support, and specific seating to support being in a wheelchair up to 12 hours a day. Like our legs, a customized wheelchair makes life a great deal easier and in many cases gives a child more independence to interact with others without assistance.

Denise Roeser

Founder/ President

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Wheels for Kids, Inc.’s ultimate goal will be to make sure every child who needs a custom-made mobility device receives one from Wheels for Kids after exhausting all other sources.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella-like term used to describe a group of chronic disorders impairing control of movement that appear in the first few years of life and generally do not worsen over time. The term cerebral refers to the brain’s two halves or hemispheres, and palsy describes any disorder that impairs control of body movement. Thus, these disorders are not caused by problems in the muscles or nerves. Instead, faulty development or damage to motor areas in the brain disrupts the brain’s ability to adequately control movement and posture. At this time, it cannot be cured, although scientific research continues to yield improved treatments and methods of prevention.



We provide custom wheelchairs to children with special needs who can neither purchase them nor qualify for public or charitable funding.

Help A Family

The search for available services is a challenge for families and one that continues as the child’s needs change.


GOAL : 50,000 $

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Wheelchair Donation

Over 75 million people around the world need a wheelchair to do basic tasks but cannot afford one.


GOAL : 10,000 $

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Event Donations

Wheels For Kids events bring together families and the community to raise donations and support oneanother.


GOAL : 10,000 $

RAISED : 0 $



If you would like to make a donation, volunteer, attend an upcoming event, or if you have a wheelchair you would like to donate, please contact us.

A special thank you to our Wheels for Kids Angel, Dorothy A. Sullivan